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By | June 19, 2021

A key to Voelker’s claim is the tape, a 19-page transcript Property Valuation Sydney of which is filed with the lawsuit. On it, Finnan and Erpenbeck discuss what will happen when the scandal hits the newspapers. Finnan says Mortgage Security Valuations he will be the bank’s spokesman, and it is working with a public relations firm.

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“We’ve been working on how we always get back to the bank (is) safe answer,” Finnan said. Finnan’s lawyer, Richard Goldberg, said Finnan was simply doing what any bank president would do in those circumstances: Look for any way and every way to save his bank, to keep it from going under, and to set up a plan to reach that goal. 

“There’s nothing at all in that tape that’s detrimental or adverse to Mr. Finnan,” Goldberg said. “It’s all said in the context that the president of the bank, John Finnan, is going to try to save his bank.” Finnan knew the bank would take heavy losses, but he hoped it would survive. Property Valuation Sydney structure is perseveringly withdrawing for everybody and to make everything the more creative all around get an asked for and experienced property valuer to manage your entire soundness of concerning property.

Property Valuation Sydney

“At the time this was going on, the bank knew it was going to be civilly liable for this,” Goldberg said. “But — everybody thought the bank could weather the storm. It was the strongest bank in the region.” It’s unclear why the tape was made. Erpenbeck has said he was the one who tipped off the FBI to the scheme, starting the investigation. He maintains — and the federal authorities have acknowledged — that he has cooperated in the probe. 

Under Kentucky law, it is legal to tape conversations as long as one party to the conversation knows the tape is being made. At the end of the tape, after Erpenbeck and Finnan say goodbye, Erpenbeck makes a final notation when he says, “The date today is 4-11. I just hung up at 12:27 from my house to John Finnan’s phone at the bank.”

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