Management Vision

  • Brian Hepburn

    Brian Hepburn, Chief Executive Officer, Envision Pharma Group


    Brian's Role

    Brian co-founded Envision Pharma in 2001 with the intent of creating a new paradigm within the pharma service sector combining scientific expertise with the smart application of technology to support effective and compliant dissemination of scientific information to HCPs and related audiences…

    Brian has been instrumental in navigating the Envision organization through continuous growth and expansion since its inception, resulting in an organization in excess of 350 dedicated professionals spanning three continents, as well as the successful introduction of Datavision, Visiontracker, and Clear solutions. This journey has encompassed numerous changes of corporate ownership culminating in the return to the private environment via management buyout in 2013.

    Brian, in combination with his management team, intends to drive the business forward into allied areas of interest within the medical affairs arena, and anticipates launching a series of new high-value services and technology solutions to support medical information, market access, and medical scientific liaison activities and to augment Envision’s leading position within the Life Science service industry.

    Career Summary

    –  30 years’ experience in pharma industry and associated service organizations with roles encompassing clinical research, marketing, medical communications, and medical publications.
    –  15 years of leadership roles within the pharma service sector, both in Europe and the USA.
    –  Senior executive and board member for a number of international organizations.

  • Joseph C. Brown, MBA

    Joseph C. Brown, MBA, Director, Envision Technology Solutions


    Joe's Role

    Joe leads the Envision Technology Solutions team with extensive knowledge in business process re-engineering, global change management, and program management. Joe helps corporations effectively implement purpose-built solutions across the globe…

    …and he’s been personally involved in implementing solutions at over 50 pharmaceutical companies.

    He specializes in business technology, planning and process automation, project/risk management, compliance, and metric programs. He has led the development and deployment of numerous global enterprise technology initiatives.

    Currently, Joe is collaborating with our 70+ partners to design/develop “iEnvision”, which will bring together all of the current Envisions solutions as well as enable several new offerings within one redesigned, scalable, and integrated platform.

    Industry Role

    Joe helped design and develop the world’s leading solution for publication planning and management. Joe has helped launch the Datavision Industry Forum which had its fourth meeting in 2014 and is expected to have over 100 attendees from 50+ companies.

    Joe also led the team behind Envision’s second solution, Visiontracker, for the compliant processing of HCP requests for support such as investigator initiated trials or medical education, and Envision’s third solution, Clear, which provides a system-managed portal to ensure the compliant clearance of public disclosures.

    Career Summary

    –  14 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical/Life Science sector.
    –  25 years leading the design, development, and implementation of solutions.

  • Greg Caswill

    Greg Caswill, Chairman, Envision Pharma Group


    Greg’s Role

    Greg has been a Director of Envision Pharma since 2003 and has been its Chairman for the past three years. Greg has been closely involved in the agency side of pharmaceutical product development, for the past 20 years…

    Industry Role

    A Chartered Accountant by training, Greg’s business experience spans several decades and a wide range of customer service-related industries. He brings expert knowledge of UK and US business practice and that of international biopharma company operations.

    His early career involved considerable exposure to business in Europe, spending a number of years living in Italy, France and Israel. He claims to have visited every European country, although some were just for one day!

    Career Summary

    Greg was a founder Director of the PPS group, (a specialist medical communications agency) responsible for finance and administration. During his involvement with PPS, the business experienced a number of management buyouts, acquisitions, and financing operations, mainly in the USA, which enabled the business to grow from a small UK base, to an independent group employing over 350 people and having a significant presence in international pre- and post-launch publications and marketing support activities.

  • Gillie

    John Gillie, Chief Financial Officer, Envision Pharma Group


    John's Role

    John has worked on the agency side of the pharma service sector since 1992 and has been with Envision Pharma since 2004...

    John’s primary function has been to create a financially stable and flexible environment that supports the continuous growth of the Envision Pharma Group. John has responsibility for the three global in-house financial teams at Envision; Accounting & Reporting, Client Finance and FP&A as well as having operational responsibility for the Asia-Pacific region.

    Despite the ever-evolving, industry-driven regulatory led changes, updating of GAAP and corporate change of ownership, the financial integrity of the Group has remained stable. This was demonstrated in 2013 when the management team were successful in completing a management buyout.

    Career Summary:

    –  4 years public accounting practice.
    –  22 years’ experience in international medical communications within an agency environment.

  • Trevor Fitzpatrick, BSc Hons, CMPP

    Trevor Fitzpatrick, BSc (Hons), CMPP, Division Lead, Market Access Solutions


    Trevor's Role

    Trevor leads Envision’s Practice for market access-related communications. His consulting team and writers work closely with clients to define and articulate a compelling value proposition and support evidence-based negotiations with decision makers...

    Envision’s Market Access Practice also assists HE, OR, payer evidence and value demonstration teams to collaborate efficiently with each other as well as with medical affairs, clinical development and national and local colleagues. Solutions include data audit, systematic literature reviews, value communications strategies, digital dossiers and work flow management tools.

    Industry Role

    Trevor previously researched novel agents for chronic neurological conditions. He has worked on multiple product launch teams in therapeutic areas including neurology, cardiovascular medicine, oncology, and anti-infective medicine.

    Career Summary

    More than 25 years in the pharma industry and strategic communications. Specialist knowledge of integrated commercialization programs that align clinical, medical affairs, HE/OR, and associated work streams.

  • Joseph

    Joseph Kohles, PhD, Group Director, Scientific and Medical Affairs


    Joseph’s Role

    Joe’s role at Envision is leading the medical strategy team...

    Industry Role

    Joseph Kohles, PhD, is a dynamic leader with more than 20 years of research and industry-side pharmaceutical experience, both in medical marketing and clinical research. In addition to a broad range of experience across multiple therapeutic areas, Dr. Kohles has written and published extensively in areas such as basic research, preclinical, clinical, health outcomes, and pharmacoeconomic analysis.

    In 2009, Joe founded the Alligent Group, which evolved rapidly into a mid-size agency specializing in medical strategy, but also offering a considerable level of consulting in commercial strategy, before being acquired by Envision Pharma Group in August 2015.

    Prior to founding Alligent, Joe’s most recent role was in leading the oncology medical affairs team for a large Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company in the US. In this capacity, Dr. Kohles guided the overall medical strategy and led the team in execution of clinical trials, outcomes analyses, publications plans, and overall commercial support.

    Career Summary

    – 20 years’ research and industry-side pharma experience: medical marketing and clinical research.
    – Written and published more than 20 peer-reviewed manuscripts and over 60 abstracts and posters.
    – PhD in Chemistry from Seton Hall University, NJ.

  • David

    David Thompson, Group Director, Business Strategy


    David’s Role

    David’s role at Envision is to oversee the build out of medical strategy and communications work across the entire company, leveraging our science, technology and compliance leadership...

    Industry Role

    David is a highly experienced senior executive in the medical communications industry, spending 17 years in medical communications in various leadership positions in Europe and in the US, before joining Alligent Group. In 2002, David moved to the US to set up Gardiner-Caldwell’s US division, which was hugely successful, focusing heavily on oncology launch programs with major Pharma clients. The division expanded to incorporate 4 regional offices and multiple agency brands and David joined the KnowledgePoint360 Group holding company operational board of directors (now Ashfield). In late 2013, David joined Dr. Joe Kohles at Alligent Group as Partner and Managing Director. Alligent Group had evolved rapidly into a mid-size agency specializing in medical strategy, but also offering a considerable level of consulting in commercial strategy, before being acquired by Envision Pharma Group in August, 2015.

    Career Summary

    – David spent his early career with Pricewaterhouse-Coopers, and then worked in education before entering the medical communications field.
    – 17 years’ experience in medical communications and leadership across Europe and the US.
    – David earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, followed by postgraduate work in Education at the University of Manchester, also in the UK.

  • Alex

    Alex Torre-Tasso, BA, CMPP, Director, Client Solutions


    Alex’s Role

    Alex oversees the publication-planning and execution aspects of our business and is one of Envision’s longest serving employees, being the eighth US employee to join the company back in 2004. As Envision has grown so too have Alex’s responsibilities…

    Alex joined as an Account Director and now, a decade later, oversees the publication planning business. He is known for his dedicated approach, quick wit and caring style who fosters very much a team atmosphere.

    Industry Role

    Alex is an active member of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) and is a Certified Medical Publications Professional (CMPP). Prior to joining Envision Pharma Group, Alex worked for 14 years in medical advertising managing a variety of blockbuster promotional advertising campaigns aimed at healthcare professionals.

    Career Summary

    – Over 20 years of medical communications experience.
    – Over 10 years’ publications planning experience.

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