Visiontracker HEOR is a purpose-designed workflow tool for managing a company’s often complex HEOR operations. Our clients typically have several hundred value-related studies, models, and real-world evidence (RWE) ongoing across multiple units and countries often without centralized workflows or documentation.
Visiontracker HEOR ensures global transparency and SOP consistency of plans, activities, and outcomes for each asset in your worldwide portfolio.

Visiontracker HEOR simplifies HEOR/RWE portfolio management by having, in one system:

  • Everything Centralized
  • Everything Connected
  • Everything Compliant

…. Enterprise Wide!

Visiontracker HEOR creates many advantages for your business:

Data impact

  • Transparency of your global, national, and local HEOR project portfolio
  • Maximized information flow and compliant data utilization within set budgets
  • Alignment of studies with your product’s value proposition and educational messages
  • Local access teams are properly equipped to engage with external decision makers


  • Simple web interface for communication between users
  • Communications and notifications are auto-generated and workflow driven, optimizing available resources
  • Role-based tasks, reporting, and accountability drive program-level consistency and compliance
  • Improved process efficiency achieved by SOP-driven workflows, tracking, meta-data, analytics, and a ‘smart library’


  • Out-of-the-box HEOR configuration based on industry standards
  • Real-time tracking of HEOR activities, plans, and budgets
  • Intuitive functionality for project and portfolio management
  • Powerful reporting capabilities – with standard, ad hoc, and custom reporting options
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Visiontracker HEOR is an exciting new part of our industry-standard technology suite, which includes Datavision, the world’s leading publication-planning software. Visiontracker HEOR can be used independently or integrated with clinical trial and/or financial management systems, or with Datavision to build a comprehensive HEOR publications plan around your evidence of value.