iEnvision the Future…

Innovative, web-based platform connecting all Medical Affairs
business elements

Modular design allows for:

  • Optimized purpose-built solutions
  • Shared iEnvision components and integration capabilities
  • Consistency, compliance, and transparency across your organization
  • Synergies across scientific communication suite
  • Out-of-the-box industry standards

Our innovative, purpose-built solutions:

  • Publication Planning

    Envision Software logo for Datavision
  • Grant Management

    Envision Software logo for Visiontracker
  • Clearance & Disclosure

    Envision Software logo for Clear
  • Medical Information

    Envision Software logo for Medinfo
  • Library Management

    Envision Software logo for Library
  • Visiontracker HEOR

    Envision Visiontracker HEOR Software logo for Library

What makes our solutions different?


Our program support is second to none. We listen to you and work closely with you to identify new functionality and opportunities. You are assigned a dedicated customer care person, who is there to help you – not to sell to you! We also regularly meet up with our customers at topic-specific focus groups; at these, you can learn, share, and provide feedback on key topics with leaders from across the industry.


When we say we are industry leaders, we mean it. Our colleagues routinely serve in leadership positions within professional organizations such as ISMPP, AMWA, and EMWA and are asked to speak on issues regarding medical and scientific communications, activity management, and disclosure. As industry leaders we are able to continually enhance our solutions so they meet current needs and stay ahead of evolving standards.


We measure our success on the tangible value you receive from all our solutions, whether it is rapid ad hoc reporting, meaningful metrics, or successfully supporting new business best practices.


Our systems are designed to support current industry standards. We can also work with you and the relevant groups to establish new standards where they might be lacking in critical areas.


Compliance is a crucial aspect of any successful system. Our systems provide compliance through simplifying adherence to industry standards, quality-coding practices, and providing a customer-friendly process. We understand that forcing an unrealistic business process on you could, inadvertently, encourage poor practices, leading to more risk.


We invest continually in our products and technology and we think you’ll enjoy the simplicity and seamless ease of our upgrade model. Additionally, our licensing model includes all program updates, so you won’t have to secure new funds to get enhanced functionality. We also invest heavily behind the scenes to enhance the underlying platform and infrastructure.