COI Policy

  1. Overview of Envision Pharma Group

    Envision Pharma Group is recognized as a world leader in publications planning, providing the highest quality scientific materials. In addition, Envision Pharma Group’s publication planning software, Datavision®, is world-renowned as a brand in its own right. Additionally, our grant tracking software, Visiontracker®, and clearance and disclosure software, Clear™, are quickly gaining competitive ground. To build on the significant growth and success of the organization, Envision Pharma Group has had to address handling an increasing number of potential conflicts of interest with its Pharma clients.

    Envision Pharma Group operating divisions include: Envision Scientific Solutions, Evidence Scientific Solutions, Engage Scientific Solutions, Excel Scientific Solutions, ProScribe, Consulting Solutions, and Envision Technology Solutions

    In consideration of the consolidation of Pharma companies and the tightening of areas of medical development (resulting in increased pressure for more transparent processes in the dissemination of clinical trial results) seen in recent years (including the passage of the FDAAA legislation in the United States in 2007), vigilance in addressing conflict situations between competing companies and compounds is required. Envision Pharma Group, which operates in various geographic locations, has implemented firewall procedures to separate its trading divisions in an effort to minimize the occurrence of conflict situations.

  2. Firewall Policy

    Envision Pharma Group has adopted a Firewall Policy and associated procedures in order to avoid any conflicts of interest with the activities between the separate Envision Pharma Group divisions.

    Envision Pharma Group maintains physical and virtual separation of the operating divisions in order to ensure that personnel and staff charged with developing content and with access to sensitive data in one division are not directly or indirectly involved in functions related to any other division.

    Firewall Procedures

    1. Envision Pharma Group has implemented procedures to address internal conflict of interest resolution on its I.T. and document management systems;
    2. Envision Pharma Group has introduced physical segregation in each of its premises for its various operating businesses.
    3. Envision Pharma Group has organized its data management system so that data that is deemed to be in conflict is separated geographically and secured by maintained access lists and firewalling.
  3. Personnel Procedures

    Each operating division has a dedicated staff base. Staff for each division are located in Europe, the US and/or Asia Pacific, and are aligned with only those clients serviced by that specific operating division.

    Each operating division is structured to provide either (1) a dedicated strategic business unit per pharma client, dependent on the number and size of the accounts assigned, or (2) dedicated account teams. This structure ensures an optimal level of understanding, continuity, and quality control consistent with the client teams’ objectives, plus a focused and streamlined approach to developing and delivering our business.

    It should be noted that:

    • No member of staff will have access to any materials or information, in any format, outside the trading division in which they work;
    • As a matter of policy, all members of staff sign and are bound by a Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Rights Agreement; and
    • No member of staff will be co-opted from one trading division to another without due consideration of potential conflict of interest scenarios, and abiding by any stated regulations.

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